Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Football Donations

Donations are also an important source of revenue for the establishment, so in that respect therefore, we are hereby calling on all donor agents to come to our aid by helping us raise the necessary funds to finance ours projects and programs.

The. Programs and projects can be successful only if the required funds come our way.

We are hereby calling on all the stakeholders of football across Europe and South-America to please come to our aid so that we can execute our services to the young and the talented.

There are amazing soccer youngsters in Africa and the only way to make them realize their potentials is by providing for them the necessary requirements to bolster their abilities and enhance capacity, that’s why we are in dear need of funds to nurture their talents.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Football Volunteers

The services of volunteers are highly invaluable to any soccer agency seeking success and recognition. They are motivators of the game; some of them are ex-footballers, or students pursuing footballing careers, veteran coaches. Their overall contributions in the game is the product of the successes of numerous team who would have otherwise under perform.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Football in The Gambia

I’ m disgusted that there is no Gambian player in the premiership; I want to draw the attention of the elite coaches to this unbelievable scenario.

Since the inception of the champions league and the prevalence of world cup and the successes of the African teams Africa has been producing pools of talented young players across the continent Gambia in particular has not been left out.

With its peace and stability the country has set the stage for the recruitment of the best young talents in the world.

In 2005 the Gambia hosted and won the caf and fifa under 17 cup this was really a Cinderella story Africa ’s smallest country of only 1.800;000 inhabitants. Gambia’s baby scorpions outplayed the young bafana-bafana of south Africa, the junior black stars of Ghana as well as the young elephants ivory coast.

Then champions Gambia made it to the youth championship in Peru , Lima

As the worlds best young talents gather in Peru to contest for the best, The Gambia stunned the world by beating the mighty brazil 3-1 and went on to thrash the millionaires of Qatar b4 been eliminated by the sexy football of Holland.

The top stars of the tournament like the young attacker Giovanni do Santos plays for top Spanish club Barcelona. Argentina ’s Maria also a forward player hailing from the same tournament is currently on loan to Portuguese first division club benfica, by Arsenal. Gambians’ Ousman Jallow, a special talent in the squad notched a deal in Qatar with a first division club, our twins, the Nyassi brothers Sana and Sainey found themselves in Norway, Sainey left Norway and made to The U.S.A with Abdoulie Mansally after a brilliant spell in the U20 World cup in Canada. After the Toronto experience Gambian football took a new dimention. Every household eats football, drinks football and sleeps football. In addition Gambia is surrounded by sea on its three sides and naturally endowed with golden beaches lining its coast and these beaches are one of the main scouting, breeding and recruitment grounds for young talents.