Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An open letter to the Managers of the Premeiership

Dear Sir,

My name is Manjai Ceesay and I m writing on behalf of the African football supermarket in the Gambia, the supermarket is a soccer organisation dedicated to developing grassroot footballing talents,potentials and opportunities for the young.

We are a community focused organisation loooking forward to bringing together the best young local talents and help them realise their potentials.

We are hereby kindly soliciting the help of elite coaches in the English Premiership to help us along the path to success.

Please extent a reaching hand to these young and coming future stars of Africa as we are looking forward to giving you the best out of the rest of Africa.

Please visit my blog on the subject at http://gambiafootballsupermarket.blogspot.com/

Kind regards
Manjai Ceesay

Gambia Football Update

I’ m disgusted that there is no Gambian player in the premiership; I want to draw the attention of the elite coaches to this unbelievable scenario.

Since the inception of the champions league and the prevalence of world cup and the successes of the African teams Africa has been producing pools of talented young players across the continent Gambia in particular has not been left out.

With its peace and stability the country has set the stage for the recruitment of the best young talents in the world.

In 2005 the Gambia hosted and won the caf and fifa under 17 cup this was really a Cinderella story Africa ’s smallest country of only 1.800;000 inhabitants. Gambia’s baby scorpions outplayed the young bafana-bafana of south Africa, the junior black stars of Ghana as well as the young elephants ivory coast.

Then champions Gambia made it to the youth championship in Peru , Lima.

As the worlds best young talents gather in Peru to contest for the best, The Gambia stunned the world by beating the mighty brazil 3-1 and went on to thrash the millionaires of Qatar b4 been eliminated by the sexy football of Holland.

The top stars of the tournament like the young attacker Giovanni do Santos plays for top Spanish club Barcelona. Argentina ’s Maria also a forward player hailing from the same tournament is currently on loan to Portuguese first division club benfica, by Arsenal. Gambians’ Ousman Jallow, a special talent in the squad notched a deal in Qatar with a first division club, our twins, the Nyassi brothers Sana and Sainey found themselves in Norway, Sainey left Norway and made to The U.S.A with Abdoulie Mansally after a brilliant spell in the U20 World cup in Canada. After the Toronto experience Gambian football took a new dimention. Every household eats football, drinks football and sleeps football. In addition Gambia is surrounded by sea on its three sides and naturally endowed with golden beaches lining its coast and these beaches are one of the main scouting, breeding and recruitment grounds for young talents.

An open letter to Arsene Wenger

Dear Mr Wenger,

My name is Manjai Ceesay. I'm a twenty seven years old Gambian footballer who is madly in love with the elegant style of football the Gunners display. How do you manage to be doing it better than the other coaches, what are your secrets to successful gameplan?

Please Mr Wenger let me take this chance to say bravo on our recent fourth round F.A Cup success over lower league strugglers Burnley.

I m a die hard Arsenal fan and for that being the case i hardly miss an Arsenal encounter despite the fact that i m six thousand miles away from England. I'm hoping and praying that the Gunners be crowned champions in 2008, and i believe that you can do it sir.

Gambia, may be the smallest country in the world but we are very much aware of the Premier league, i hardly miss an Arsenal game.

Since 1999, I have closely observe different teams in the English top flight division but none are able to match up to the eloquent style of play the Gunners display.

In respect of that therefore I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the migthy Gunners come rain or sunshine.

I m currently running a football acedemy in the Gambia and I would very much welcome any assistance from one of the World's best institute of footballing excellence.

Please check out my blog on the subject of Gambian Football at

Kind regards
Manjai Ceesay

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Football Agents in Africa

as part and parcel of our programs, the services of the soccer agents are highly invaluable to any football club seeking success and recognition .The agents play an integral part in the identification and acquisition of new talents, they also helped a lot of players in realizing their potentials by securing lucrative overseas contracts for them.

We are also an agency of football looking forward to the creation and the distribution of the best young talents in West Africa.

Our agency will take the form of a football supermarket where the best African emerging stars will be on display, and we will make sure that the best out of the rest on offer any time need for them arises. We want to be the best agents in Africa and we are giving it all we have for the benefit the young and talented.

Football Sponsorship in Gambia

To help us help the young and the talented, we will need the help of the authorities, the agencies of African and European soccer powerhouses to support us to sponsor our projects and implement our programs. Capital is a very important prerequisite for the maintenance and upkeep of the academy. We are looking forward to creating the best footballing institute of excellence, which will be one of a kind not only in the Gambia but the sub- region as a whole. We cannot do it all alone; we will solicit the support of all the soccer powerhouses around the globe.

We need to raise the funds to ease the financing and maintenance of our various programs. To succeed in this endeavour, the assistance of the authorities, Agencies, Parastatal are highly required to achieve our aims and objectives.

Africa is blessed with naturally talented youths, and to bring out these talents the right structures need to be in place .To establish the structures, funds have to be available.

The local authorities or private agencies as well as the soccer powerhouses of South Americans and Europe can only guarantee the availability of funds

We are aiming to buy a local football club. We have already identified the dream team of the future. To manage and maintain the team we need funds and equipments

The funds are urgently needed to facilitate the implementation of some of our programs already proposed. Also the assortment of soccer gears by bigger and stronger teams will be highly required. To nurture and enhance the skills and potentials of the young and the talented, we need to arm them with the right tools of the sport.

The tools of the game, which we term as sporting gears, ranging from [football boots, balls, jerseys, gloves, nets, and all the vital implements for performance enhancement.

We believe that the potentials of the young can be enhanced only through the provision of the right equipments, youths are the future generation of any nation and it is the fervent wish of every country to rightly provide for its future leaders so that they can be good elders of society in due course of time.

Football has topped all the other sporting disciplines in my country and its very easy to no why it’s the world’s most popular sport and the Gambia is a true connoisseur.

Please come to our aid as we are ready to give you the best talents from the west coast of Africa but we no very well that we cannot do it all alone so we are hereby seeking the support of all and sundry to come to our aid so that we can help the young and the talented realize their potentials.

Gambia is not difficult to pinpoint on the world map it lies on the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, encompassed by Senegal land water on its three sides. The Gambia is one of the smallest English speaking countries in the world and its love of the game cannot be over emphasized. It is only through the support and sponsorship that we can the youths safely through the path of success. Please help us so that we can help those in dear need of help.

Football Accademy in The Gambia

We aim to raise the funds and expertise to establish an academy of football excellence to promote and nurture the talents of these future stars. It will also entail the scouting and recruitment of the young talents in the Gambia and the sub-region as a whole, we believe that every kid has a talent and to develop it the right structures and systems needs to be in place. The structures will take the form of classrooms, football pitches, dormitories, physic canters and administrative offices for the maintenance and upkeep of the academy. we are looking forward to creating a steadfast multi-talented soccer institute to nurture and distribute young talents.

Therefore to enhance skills performance we are hereby kindly soliciting the kind intervention of the local authorities, agencies, parastatals, and overseas sponsors to mould out and yield the future Drogbas, E’tos or Elhagi Diouf from our Academy of footballing excellence.

10 things u did not know about Gambian football

[1] The first Gambian to play international football is call beriberi [nickname]

And he played alongside soccer ace Diego maradona in Seville, Spain, in the 80s

[2] Gambia beat Portugal 2-1 in Canada to earn his first ever glory over European giant

[3] Also the Gambia enjoys all year round peace, which creates the enabling environment for the up and coming talents of the future

[4] The golden beaches of the Gambia are the best places for spotting and showcasing young talents

[5] Do u know that the Gambia hosted and retained the caf and fifa under 17 African cup in 2005

[6] Many youths in my country see the game a stepping-stone to very healthy and enjoyable career and it makes them feel the urge to give it all they have got to be good and responsible men of their respective societies.

[7] Do u also know that Gambia became bronze medallist in Congo in 2006.

[8] The most enjoyable soccer time in the country is in the summer time, it begins mid- July and last for almost a month. This is a tournament brings out the best local talents. It is called the. However the government banned the tournament in 2004 due to the reason that it slowed down productivity on Agriculture because of low labour intensity on the farms.

This ban did last not longer than it takes to outlaw it again, because football is the number one sport and The Gambia is a signatory to this reality.

[9] The most talked about soccer stars nowadays are Ousman Jallow, Sana And Sainey Nyassi, Momodou Ceesay, Ebu Sohna and Pa modou Jagne.

[10] The Gambian soccer professionals playing away from home are;

[a] Ousman Jallow plays his football in Qatar

[b] Seyfo Solley plays for English first division side Preston North End.