Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An open letter to the Managers of the Premeiership

Dear Sir,

My name is Manjai Ceesay and I m writing on behalf of the African football supermarket in the Gambia, the supermarket is a soccer organisation dedicated to developing grassroot footballing talents,potentials and opportunities for the young.

We are a community focused organisation loooking forward to bringing together the best young local talents and help them realise their potentials.

We are hereby kindly soliciting the help of elite coaches in the English Premiership to help us along the path to success.

Please extent a reaching hand to these young and coming future stars of Africa as we are looking forward to giving you the best out of the rest of Africa.

Please visit my blog on the subject at http://gambiafootballsupermarket.blogspot.com/

Kind regards
Manjai Ceesay

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