Saturday, January 5, 2008

Football Accademy in The Gambia

We aim to raise the funds and expertise to establish an academy of football excellence to promote and nurture the talents of these future stars. It will also entail the scouting and recruitment of the young talents in the Gambia and the sub-region as a whole, we believe that every kid has a talent and to develop it the right structures and systems needs to be in place. The structures will take the form of classrooms, football pitches, dormitories, physic canters and administrative offices for the maintenance and upkeep of the academy. we are looking forward to creating a steadfast multi-talented soccer institute to nurture and distribute young talents.

Therefore to enhance skills performance we are hereby kindly soliciting the kind intervention of the local authorities, agencies, parastatals, and overseas sponsors to mould out and yield the future Drogbas, E’tos or Elhagi Diouf from our Academy of footballing excellence.

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