Saturday, January 5, 2008

Football Sponsorship in Gambia

To help us help the young and the talented, we will need the help of the authorities, the agencies of African and European soccer powerhouses to support us to sponsor our projects and implement our programs. Capital is a very important prerequisite for the maintenance and upkeep of the academy. We are looking forward to creating the best footballing institute of excellence, which will be one of a kind not only in the Gambia but the sub- region as a whole. We cannot do it all alone; we will solicit the support of all the soccer powerhouses around the globe.

We need to raise the funds to ease the financing and maintenance of our various programs. To succeed in this endeavour, the assistance of the authorities, Agencies, Parastatal are highly required to achieve our aims and objectives.

Africa is blessed with naturally talented youths, and to bring out these talents the right structures need to be in place .To establish the structures, funds have to be available.

The local authorities or private agencies as well as the soccer powerhouses of South Americans and Europe can only guarantee the availability of funds

We are aiming to buy a local football club. We have already identified the dream team of the future. To manage and maintain the team we need funds and equipments

The funds are urgently needed to facilitate the implementation of some of our programs already proposed. Also the assortment of soccer gears by bigger and stronger teams will be highly required. To nurture and enhance the skills and potentials of the young and the talented, we need to arm them with the right tools of the sport.

The tools of the game, which we term as sporting gears, ranging from [football boots, balls, jerseys, gloves, nets, and all the vital implements for performance enhancement.

We believe that the potentials of the young can be enhanced only through the provision of the right equipments, youths are the future generation of any nation and it is the fervent wish of every country to rightly provide for its future leaders so that they can be good elders of society in due course of time.

Football has topped all the other sporting disciplines in my country and its very easy to no why it’s the world’s most popular sport and the Gambia is a true connoisseur.

Please come to our aid as we are ready to give you the best talents from the west coast of Africa but we no very well that we cannot do it all alone so we are hereby seeking the support of all and sundry to come to our aid so that we can help the young and the talented realize their potentials.

Gambia is not difficult to pinpoint on the world map it lies on the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, encompassed by Senegal land water on its three sides. The Gambia is one of the smallest English speaking countries in the world and its love of the game cannot be over emphasized. It is only through the support and sponsorship that we can the youths safely through the path of success. Please help us so that we can help those in dear need of help.

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